Sunday, July 21

11 year olds from Kenilworth lost in music at Pop Star Party

Adele is very nearly 11 and at this time of year some well organised parents arrange the party a bit early - cos in August everyone is on holiday and its hard to get friends together.
Not for Adele who has just finished year 6 as she had a great Pop Star Party with us at Born in a Barn Studio recently.

Group song was How Ya Doin'? by those Little Mix scamps and things went well to start with. Backing tracks are not always identical so we had a bit of fun getting the right bits in the right places by the right girls but as always we got there - well done everyone for your perseverance - its not as easy as you might think recording a song is it!!!!

Running somewhat behind we managed a great photoshoot in our purpose built red carpet room, Pop Star Parade, as there were a lot of born diva's in this group - and hungry too - not much food left after having a feast in our Green Room named 'Jessies Pout- the Party Hangout'!!!

So it was time for Adele to sing her solo and she had picked a favourite of mine, 22 by Taylor Swift.  Things went very quiet in the control room as she first sang it and i think everyone was very impressed.  After a couple more takes we had a great copy and it was time for the girls to go clubbing in Club BB!!  Main lights off, smoke and new lights/lasers on - top fun - well done everyone hope to see you again soon!!! 

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  1. Thanks so much Roger for a fantastically professional and organised party. The girls had a ball - they talked about it and sang all the way home. Beautiful photos too. You made Adele and a lovely group of Year 6's very happy (and Mum too!)