Sunday, July 21

Pop Star Party prize winners rock in for a top party

Earlier this year I was asked to judge at a schools talent show in Coventry - Sacred Hearts Catholic School - and of course i offered a prize.  Isabelle certainly stood out from the rest and in my mind was a clear winner - today we held her party and she invited 8 friends to join her.

So after the group song (Lies by McFly) which was a nice change from the norm but went incredibly well we had the photoshoot and they buffet of course.  Obviously being a talented singer Isabelle had chosen to sing a solo, which turned out to be the song she won the competition with, Rolling in the Deep by Adele - after just 3 takes (somewhat distracted by her friends) she had nailed a great version so they could enjoy the disco/smoke/lasers and pictures at the end - giving me time to produce their video of the event at lightning speed!!!

Well done Isabelle and I hope to see you again soon.

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