Thursday, August 8

Sutton Coldfield 11 year olds bounce into the Barn for a Pop Star Party

Ben and his buddies brought Bruno's best to Born in a Barn Studio - thats a lot of B's!

So after a massive amount of excitement on arrival on plenty of travel stories about convoy chaos from Coldfield we had the quick chat about what we want to achieve and cracked on with the first group song which was not Bruno Mars! It was Olly Murs' Troublemaker and fortunately these boys were not like the song name - phew - cos there were 14 and that makes for a busy party.  Things went well with plenty of time to shoot some fun footage for their HD video.  Well done guys.

At Pop Star Party we really do pack our punches and achieve lots in the 3 hours. Photos, sound and video recording all under 1 roof finished off with a disco, plus the buffet feed happens somewhere in the middle!

The second group song was Bruno Mars'  'When I Was Your Man' - top tune and actually surprisingly easy for a now fired and ready for anything bunch of 11 year olds - well done guys - good job we had a few tricks up the sleeve eh!!

So then it was disco time and boys always want the works, so we went for the strobes. What a great party - well sung lads - glad you all had a top party.

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