Monday, September 23

Amazing Children's party for 7 Oxfordshire 12 year olds who enjoyed Pop Star Party with SuperStar Upgrade

All the way from Witney in Oxfordshire came this wonderful bunch of 12 year olds and I think its fair to say Carmen had an amazing party with us at BB Studio.  With little brother and big sister, 3 mums and even a puppy in tow this was a busy party but what well rehearsed party pals Carmen had.

To get us going we had 1 Directions recent hit, Best Song Ever to sing and after only a couple of run-through's all those early fears were lost and we had a great time focussing on all the key points of the song to get it really animated.  The whole process was being filmed by Born in a Barn Studio apprentice James and soon a very cool video will be posted up here for everyone to see - even the puppy features!!

So next was the photoshoot in our purpose built Pop Star Parade and they had some very classy individual photos taken before the group shots for the CD cover - plus some kinda silly ones of course - see below.  After this the girls swooned off to our Party Hangout room for their BBStudio Booster Buffet - and to calm down a bit!!

So, all fuelled for further fun they went straight back into the live room for another group song and this time the girls were doing Katy Perrys' new single Roar.  Obviously there was lots of extra roaring going on - good job we know how to edit super fast!  Top singing girls.

Finally the disco and more filming for the video took place and some very important birthday cup cakes to finish - well done Carmen - see you soon!!

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Solihull children's party for 17 Pop Star Party 11 year olds

Sophie from Solihull enjoyed a massive birthday celebration with 16 of her friends and totally had a blast at every level.  A mixed party of girls and boys with tons of excitement.

The first group song choice was big favourite of mine I Don't Care by Icona Pop ft Charlie XCX except today it was featuring 17 very fired up kids and went surprisingly well - they certainly knew the song well and i think we got a great version.  After the photos and food it was time to do another and this time it was a new Jessie J song - Wild.  This is a tricky song with 2 rap sections in it but with 2 budding rappers in this large group we achieved success - just - rapping under pressure in a party is very demanding but well done to both of you - good work!

The disco was fun at the end and what busy and somewhat heated party it was!! Congrats Sophie!

Great Childrens party idea

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Wednesday, September 18

Upgrade Deals - Example HD Videos

Over the summer we changed a few things about how to book your Pop Star Party at Born in a Barn Studio and have created some great, new and fun 'Recording Contracts'. Now you can Upgrade your 'Recording Contract' to VideoStar, MegaStar and SuperStar in 1 easy click. Check out the website for further details and view some videos on the Blogsite

All details also on our new Twitter account @PopStarPartyUK

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Monday, September 16

Fab Children's party for 9 Nuneaton 13 year olds who choose Super Star Upgrade at Pop Star Party

Chloe is 13! I think Chloe will always remember her 13th birthday - what a party. Not a minute to breathe and everyone having a top time.

Chloe from Nuneaton had 8 amazingly noisy friends who all sang well but seriously did not stop yabbering all thru the party - great gang!

Chloe was on the Super Star Upgrade and had chosen 2 club classics: Love Me Again by John Newman and Domino by Jessie J.  Of course they sang well cos they had been singing these songs all week their mum told me and so recording them was nice and easy.  Filming the song was fun too and we caught some great 'mum-dancing' in the background lol!!!!!

Posing on the red carpet turned up some great expressions and then they all grabbed Chloe for the group photo for the CD.

Well done Chloe and i think someone from your group has already booked their party so we will almost certainly be seeing you again - congrats.

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Nuneaton 9 year olds rocking at Pop Star Party

Sophia is a character and her choice of songs was possibly about as classic as you can get.  The most popular bands at the moment (in the pop world at least) are definitely One Direction and Little Mix .... crowd go crazy!

This was to be the first of the ALL NEW pop star packages and contract UPGRADES and Sophia had chosen to be on the Mega Star Package meaning she does 2 songs as group and has the Booster Buffet plus she gets a HD video recording of 1 of the songs - an amazing deal. Of course they chose the photoshoot and personalised CDs as well - in fact i don't think i have run a party where the CDs and photo are not taken!!!  But then thats what its all about really - lasting memories.

So her 2 choices for the group songs were DNA and Best Song Ever - both excellent party songs and both sang well from the minute they started - great fun to record and this left plenty of time for the posing, the food and the disco at the end.

Well done Sophia - see you next year!

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Monday, September 9

Amazing Children's party for 11 leamington 8 year olds at born in a barn studio

Seren is not a name i have particularly come across before, but there were 2 girls with this name at her party - so i am very familiar now!  Seren had chosen to do 2 songs as she wanted to keep her group together and not miss a minute of the party! So, first up was (drum roll please for the biggest band of the world) 1 Direction and 'What Makes You Beautiful' and a what a great start they made - something tells me they had all sung this before, so things went very smoothly!

After this we all piled into Pop Star Parade for some fun photos posing as only girls know how to, before moving to another of our purpose built rooms named, Jessie's Pout the Party Hangout, where everyone enjoyed some buffet food - now appropriately termed the Born in a Barn Booster Buffet! It certainly seemed to work as all the kids came bouncing back for another sing and this time we had the delights of a High School Musical song, 'Were All In This Together'.  I think they would have sung this all day.  But they didn't because it was time for an amazing laser disco and most importantly more time on the red carpet doing their catwalks and of course some great dancing - what a day - what a party - well done everyone and we hope to see you soon.

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