Tuesday, October 8

Adult Pop Star Party for 30+'s from Hinckley

Sometime earlier this year a little girl from Hinckley had an amazing party at the Barn and her parents thought it was so good, they had to have one of their own.  So just recently we had the pleasure of hosting this for them and had heaps of fun along the way. Jessica is just 30 something or other and had chosen Walk This Way by Run DMC/Aerosmith and (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones as her fave songs.  With just a hint of pop to help them along the way with these classic rock songs, this crazy group had loads of laughs enjoying what we normally do with the kids.

Obviously for the booster buffet we change things a little and do the food more like what we do when we run our Pop Celeb Party's - you gotta 'eat to the beat'.

Great fun - amazing characters and definitive proof that we all like a bit of Pop!

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  1. This was the best birthday bash I have had since I can't remember - massive amounts of laughter, Roger was fantastic, the food was fantastic and the Barn is just great as a venue to hold a party. The video is hilarious and means a lot to us and will be treasured. Highly recommended for ALL ages and will definitely be booking again! Jess xx