Tuesday, October 1

What a great Children's party for 10 Leicestershire 10 year olds at Pop Star Party

Josie enjoyed her 10th birthday with us over the weekend and had a top time with her which meant we were singing 2 songs as the group and filming 1 for a cool HD video.  So it was quickly decided to go with first choice of Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepson to be filmed for their video and what a greta choice.  Everyone knew the song very well and the singing went without any probs.

After the first round of singing everyone was ready for a break tho so straight onto their photoshoot on red carpet before heading into our party room for the booster buffet.  Good singing requires energy and thats exactly what the snack break is for - there's no time to waste at our parties!  As soon as everyone had eaten they were straight back into the live room to sing their second group song which today was How Ya Doin? by Little Mix.  A truly top song and relatively easy to sing as a group, so again this went nicely  - well done everyone!

Here they all are:
Disco and Pop Star Party for Leicestershire 10 year olds

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