Tuesday, February 18

Valentines weekend Pop Star Party marathon at BB Studio

Well this year the Valentines weekend was a massive success with 4 parties being run for kids aged from 9-11 but there were a good few younger/older brothers/sisters and some pretty crazy parents too!!

There is just something about putting a hat on that brings out the kid in everyone - just ask anyone who has been to one of our parties.

All 4 parties were a rip roaring success and 3 of them were Megastar Upgraded parties so we made a video too and they are so much fun to make.  Every video is unique cos the kids are the 'film-stars' and what they do when being filmed makes each one individual & special.

Song of the weekend has to go to Bethany's group singing Happy by Pharrell Williams with their amazing efforts at getting the 2 part layered sections nailed with minimal instruction.  Best cake clearly to Louise's grandma for the choc and jam filling - calorie overload but who cares!!!

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