Saturday, March 8

King Henry Prep School kids have a blast at Pop Star Party

Olephia and her friends had a wonderful party today at Pop Star Party and fully made use of everything from the hats n glasses to the masks n wigs.  What a spirited group this was, with so many characters making this a top-tastic party to remember.

Bouncing off the walls and loving every minute of their studio experience, these kids totally rocked their 3 hours and the buffet put on by the parents was superb - good work Dad!

We completed the singing and managed to get a video shot too and i gotta admit - the end result were fantastico!!  Pop Star Party is always focussed on fun and fun was taken to the max today - well done and happy birthday Olephia!

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  1. Hi Roger, just wanted to say thanks for hosting a fantastic party for Olephia’s Birthday. The kids all enjoyed it so much with such a packed agenda. The Studio recordings were superb and so much fun!! The individual CDs were a great addition to the party bags. We had so many positive comments from the parents. Its been a week since the party and we are still talking about it!!
    Mr Holdsworth.