Thursday, April 17

Birmingham 11 year olds have SuperStar birthday party

Recently we rolled out the works for Abigail and her friends from Birmingham for her 11th birthday party at the 'barn'.  With a SuperStar party we have the most fun and the birthday girl gets to sing a solo to her friends at the end.  So after getting to grips with how things run singing Dark Horse by Katy Perry these girls were very fired up for their photo-shoot in Pop Star Parade - our purpose built photo room with red carpet catwalk!

Straight after this they popped into 'Jessies Pout - the Party Hangout' for their booster buffet and team talk!

Next up it was song 2 and what a wicked choice - Timber by Pitbull/Ke$ha, which they had filmed doing lots of different things and dancing in different rooms, to make an amazing little video.

They couldn't wait to have the disco and of course the smoke machine was top priority but after a bit of this it was time to hear Abigail sing her solo song which was Royals by Lorde - pressure moment but i think Abi did really well - top party girls thanks for the nice message on the graffiti board too - see you soon.

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