Friday, September 5

New term, new school year & new toys at Pop Star Party

Last year was amazing  - we ran tons of parties and had so many nice comments about the 'barn', our parties and the fun we create the kids at Pop Star Party - it was cool.
Thanks to everyone who had a party and all the feedback.

So this year we are going to run even more, with even more cool stuff in store - but no , we're not telling you about it here!

Pop Star Party has been running over 5 years now. Thinking about it that's thousands of kids who have sung, eaten, posed, acted and danced in the laser filled party room before going home with their own personalised copy of the CD and watched their videos of the event.

The most popular choices for songs were definitely One Direction & Little Mix last year - what will it be this year at yours?

This year we are advertising again locally in newspapers as well as Google - gotta love Google!
Here's a couple of pics from past parties including 2 girls who wanted to take our banner home!!!

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