Sunday, November 23

10 year olds from Newton Burgoland at Pop Star Party

Holly does indeed live in Burgoland - what a great name for a place to live and Leicestershire has got it going on!!

We had a great party for these girls who chose to sing 'I Knew You Were Trouble' by Taylor Swift then Mariah Carey's 'All I Want For Christmas' as their group songs.  Holly is a keen singer and wanted to do a solo as well so at the end we set her up to sing 'Dear Darlin' by Olly Murs.  I think everyone was really impressed at how well she sang it under party pressure.  A truly top experience for her.  It seems Mum is not a bad cook either - check out this cake.

Born in a Barn Studio has been running Pop Star Party for kids since 2009.  Every single one is cool!

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