Monday, December 22

Nuneaton 8 year old boys rock out at Pop Star Party

Stanley is a character.  Noise rhymes with boys and i think the clues in the phrase - boys rule. We had a fantastic party with Stanley and his mates from Nuneaton.  No Katy Perry today - it was McFly's Don't Stop Me Now (thank you Queen!) and Air Guitar by McBusted.  2 top tunes.

Making the video was fun - these lads had brought blow up guitars with them as props for the video to help with the dramatics - not that they needed much help - a very energetic lot to say the least!

Head-banging & joshing with 8 year olds at during the disco was funny but everyone had a laugh and went home with a CD of course - well done lads!

Pop Star Party is not just for girls - although most we run are but back in 2009 when we ran our first ever party we had 18 boys attend.  Any songs can be chosen and we alter the mood to suit the guests and theme - book yours next:

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