Friday, December 19

Solihull 10 year olds enjoying Pop Star Party

The run up to Christmas just piles on the work for everyone and we are flat out at Born in a Barn Studio this month, but we are always ready to party and these girls had piles of fun at their party.  Isabelle and her mates from Solihull sang 2 songs with very high speed raps in. These were a bit of a challenge but we got there - of course we did. 'Fancy' by Iggy Azalea and 'Problem' by Ariana Grande were 2 great songs to choose making it tricky but fun and with great patience from the group we got 2 really cool versions.

Everyone gets a CD at our parties and we run a dead cool disco at the end, but with all these divas dancing it was just brilliant. Well done Isabelle.

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