Monday, December 1

Warwickshire 10 year olds maximise fun at Pop Star Party

Blimey we packed some stuff into this party. 6 girls from the the Leamington &Warwick area, all very rehearsed and good as a group made for a top pro party.  Holly has a bit of a thing about 5 Seconds of Summer so 2 songs were by them, but we started with Break Free by Ariana Grande to get us into the club vibe.

They had taken the MegaStar Upgrade option and a solo so we had a lot to get through plus we tried a bit of green screen filming now our new green room is complete - total success and the video looks amazing.  Great actors always help of course and Holly and her mates did the biz.

The cake was pretty cool too with sparklers for numbers - nice one Mum!

And at the end the disco was enjoyed by all - smoke/fog machine on max as usual and lots of dancing/jumping making this a high energy party - see you all soon I'm sure.

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  1. Belle absolutely loved this! She wants her party here now! Thanks very much x