Wednesday, January 7

Tanworth-In-Arden 10 year olds at Pop Star Party

Sometimes we do dual parties and this one was a hit - Jodie and Maddie from Tanworth-in-Arden had their joint 10th birthday party with us at Born in a Barn Studio recently and had a top time - of course!!!!
They had chosen to take our Mega Star Upgrade plus the birthday pair requested to sing a duet to Taylor Swifts' 'Shake It Off' - no problem!!

What a great party with great party spirit from all the girls and some wonderful dancers in this group.  Both songs Happy by Pharrell Williams and Up by Olly Murs (a new one for Pop Star Party) went very well which made loads of time for filming them for their pop video.  Co-ordination and choreography not important to this group but the singing was fantastic and the video looks wicked anyway - well done everyone - see you next year.

All our birthday parties are unique but they do have one thing in common - awesomeness!
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