Friday, February 27

Warwick 14 year olds have tatt-tastic pop star party

Warwick is only down the road and not so far away from Ansty where we hold the parties, but sometimes little things like traffic can cause a problem.  So after battling their way thru the congestion I was worried there might be stress in the group - how wrong I was.  These girls had an awesome time and totally enjoyed our brand new feature of temporary tattoos too!!

These are now on the website and will be readily available on the day or you can preorder of course.

So Olivia was all about .... no, not that bass .... but Taylor Swift and we did both Shake It Off plus Blank Space, which was nice cos it is new, relatively easy to sing and went smoothly.  As did her video - 9 great singers in this group and they all left with a cool CD - of course!

There was plenty of phone use in this group and uploads of selfies to Instagram were almost constant once they had figured out our WIFI lol!

Pop Star Party is on Instagram now too - not sure we are Instagram experts yet but here is the link:

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