Friday, March 20

Kenilworth 7yr olds enjoy their Disco at Pop Star Party

Grace turned 7 recently and wanted her friends to have a disco party at the studio - Grace is no ordinary 'client' as she is my daughter so how could I possibly refuse!!!!!

So since the party service is not really advertised for 7 year olds I ran a 2 hour party with just 1 song to sing as a group and of course they had a photoshoot on the red carpet and some (tons) party food and an awesome disco at the end - club BB was alive with this group believe me!!

It was the obvious choice of song to sing choosing Let It Go and since the group were so, so excited I only got their attention for 2 runs thru the song but amazingly they sang like angels!!

Everyone demanded a tattoo and we had the bonus of it being Comic Relief so we got them all noses and raised £15 for Comic Relief into the bargain - nosetastic!!

We did take some video footage too and made a superb little video of the group singing and 'dancing' their socks off.  Top party.

Well done Grace - well done everyone - you rocked!!

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