Thursday, June 11

10 year olds from Balsall Common rock the mic at Pop Star Party

Emily had her 10th birthday party recently with us at BB Studio and she had an amazing time.

Initially choosing Cheerleader by Omi, there was a little bit of concern that this might be tricky as it's kind of more reggae than Pop and we quickly took the decision to drop it.  Singing Take That's, Rule the World was a much better choice and this went so well, everyone getting really into it quickly, making the first singing part of the party was a success!!

Second choice was then very quickly decided during their buffet food break and Maroon 5's Sugar was chosen - a great song to do at Pop Star Party as its has fantastic singalong chorus and straightforward verses - this left us loads of time to film them for the video.

At Pop Star Party we don't just get you to dance up and down in front of a green screen, we shoot your group from 4 points of view getting the kids to really enter into the spirit of actually making their own Pop Video.  We use green screen plus live footage of them wearing headphones and also staged dancing in the live room both in fancy dress stuff (hats/glasses/wigs/masks etc) and and in the dark with all out lights and lasers.

The video is compiled after the party id you have chosen either out MegaStar or SuperStar options as we need a bit of headspace to edit without distraction! If you take our VideoSar option then we can do this while you wait but its a more simple video.

There are 5 main things we do at the party - singing for the CD, posing for photos, feasting on buffet, filming for the video, dancing in the disco (Club BB is alive lol)

During the disco at the end, when the kids are not enjoying the smoke machine or prancing about in Pop Star Parade (our purpose built red carpet runway!) they get free use of our SelfieStick Cam and the best pics get uploaded to Instagram for everyone to enjoy making all our parties totally unique. Obviously with parental consent first. Search #selfiesticktakeover

Well done Emily - I'm sure we will see you back soon.

Mum quote "We think it's pukka great!!"

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