Tuesday, October 6

Make your own Pop video at Pop Star Party

New birthday ideas are hard to find yet we are told nearly every time we throw a party that we are just so different - and that they are great!! It's wonderful to be told this as so much goes into a 3 hour party.

Pop Star Party has been running 5 years now and the video making has become almost iconic.

But sometimes kids like to focus just on the video and spend more quality time recording the song then filming footage to make a stunning looking video.  We get creative of course and can't always show them as they are private.

Recently we made a video for 5 very cool 13 yr olds from Warwick to the song Fancy by Iggy Azalea. Ideas will come from nowhere sometimes and as an example we collected a load of damsons and placed them very carefully on a clear plastic sheet then rolled them about into chaos.  This footage was then reversed to create a great intro sequence and set a theme for the video.

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