Friday, February 26

8yr olds birthday party for Solihull & Knowle kids

Paige and her friends had a great time recently with us at Born in a Barn Studio bringing  a big party of 14 friends to celebrate with.  They chose Justine Bieber Love Yourself which was dead easy to sing for this talented group and then Black Magic by Little Mix which went very well as well.  Everyone had a top time at the party enjoying the food, photoshoot (when I said pull crazy faces they certainly knew what to do!) laser disco and all the madness n mayhem that we love to create at our parties.

Paige's parents had chosen to bring a small amount of food only since these girls were being treated to a dinner out straight after their recording studio experience - lucky lot!

We have various ideas for all different ages but all the parties are tailored to suit you and make it special for your kids.

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